Heels and Quotes from Philly's Own

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer is bowing out but please hold on to your brights!  The world is much better high on color.

Quote from Christopher Morley, American Writer from Haverford, PA

Philadelphia Men's Store: Arcane Supply Company

Monday, August 25, 2014

This summer, I sat down with the design brains behind Philadelphia-based Men's Shop, Arcane Supply Company.  Lucas Darway is the founder and designer of these rugged leather goods, each handmade right here in Philadelphia.  A self-proclaimed "finance nerd" by day and entrepreneur by night, Lucas is no rookie when it comes to aesthetic, high-quality and fabrication.  With his roots in consulting and jewelry design, he has a keen-eye for design and leather and rugged fabrics.  His passion and background in photography is noted through his film prints...a little 50's Cubana mixed with "old world" Black and White shots. The men's shop currently sells handmade backpacks, leather belts and camera straps, from US waxed canvas and leather made in a century old tannery.  Eclectic printed socks by Sammy Icon are in stock, along with coffee from Michigan's Bearded Apple 

Geared towards the likes of "Outdoor-City Dwellers" that frequent Ps and Qs, Totem and Art in the Age, and expensive taste must apply.   If you don't consider yourself on a budget, check out the Hinterlander Backpack ($408), each made to order.  For the fall season, Arcane Supply Co will be dishing out new Americana-inspired t-shirts & sweatshirts, printed on luxe cotton.  He's hoping to expand on more ties, Japanese raw denim and other brand collaborations.

As for a bricks & mortars spot....nothing planned yet.  Mr. Darway is hoping to set up a space in Lambertville's Gallery's and Flea Markets.  Check out his facebook status here.

Instagram @ArcaneSupplyCo

Some Lovely Links from Philly and Beyond...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Looking for some stylish and inspirational links this week?  Here are some findings from the locals and across the US to check out on your break today! From styling yourself in the rain with Ian Michael Crumm, partying under the moonlight with Bri Emery to speaking from the soul instead of sarcasm on The Chalkboard Mag.

 The fashionably-capturing Philly street photographerUrban Fieldnotes, catches one of our indie-rocker local dwellers in Center City.  

Bri Emery is the photoshoot/DIY guru and her moon party has me jamming to Van Morrison's "Moondance".  What a magical theme from Design Love Fest!  Must incorporate this into my social calendar ASAP. 

From dancing under the moon to in the rain...our stylish & adorable Ian Michael Crumm will show you how to dress dapper in the summer showers.

Wonderfully written post by Kate Horwitch for The Chalkboard Mag.  "Vulnerability, at its core, is nothing more than honesty. Vulnerable is being truthful, saying I am raw, I am flawed, I am crazed, I am bare, I am on a journey and I am urging you to join me."

Style and Illustrator Jacqueline Moranti from Burgundy Whispers
offers braiding tips for the muggy August season.

Philly Shopping and Styling Event with InStyle Magazine and Nine West

Friday, August 8, 2014

What's happening Philly!? I hope everyone's summer is going sublime.... it's been a pretty quiet on my end:)  For my shoe and accessory fiends, InStyle magazine and Nine West in the Shops at Liberty Place to dish out styling tips and showing off the new trends.  The lovely Senior Marketing Editor, Dana Avida-Cohn, will be hosting the evening next Thursday, August 14th from 5-7pm.  With any purchase of $75 or more, you will receive a fabulous bag of goodies and gifts!  RSVP are welcomed and should be sent to ninewest_philadelphia@timeinc.com
Shops at Liberty Place
625 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Philly's Own Christina Perri: Concert Ticket Giveaway

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pretty psyched to announce an awesome giveaway!  Christina Perri tickets anyone??  This local girl is singing Friday, July 27 at Revel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Pennsylvania born and bred crooner (Bensalem to be exact), is tipping off at 9pm sharp in Revel's Ovation Hall.  Not sure who she is?  You know A Thousand Years from Twilight and Jar of Hearts, whether you like it or not. Love, love, love her song Human, Arms, & I Believe.  Not to mention her badass tattoos....

Tickets going for $37-$45 a pop here --> Ticketmaster, but I'm also giving away 2 ticketsTo enter, leave a comment, share this post on your Facebook and the lucky winner will be selected randomly via Random Number Generator by Thursday, July 26, 2014 at 3pm ET.  Hope to see you there!!

By the way, I need to give credit to the term #truthbomb on my image.  If you do not know who Danielle Laporte is, PLEASE check out her site. Not only is she a killer chick with some major inspirational #Truthbombs, her amazing community strives to improve all areas of self-development:)  

Garden Pampered Parties by The Bronzed Bee and Just B Beautiful

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A wee bit of rain didn't get the girls down over at The Bronzed Bee last week.  The Rittenhouse Square airbrush tanning and waxing boutique has cleaned-up the backyard in hopes to draw some ladies this summer/fall for some backyard pampering.  Currently, painting and cooking with wine and your girlfriends is all the rage for bachelorette & birthday parties.  Now adding to the mix, The Bronzed Bee and Make-up Artist B Wilson are teaming up to throw some make-up and spray-tan parties.  Don't worry girls, champagne and yummy treats from Pamcakes will be available.  The owner and licensed esthetician, Ashley Piotrowski, uses top-notch products including SunLabs and Karora along with an amazing eye for tan-lines.  If you haven't heard of B Wilson, she is the Queen Bee of make-up application with plenty of trick-of-the-trage.  Not only does she own and operate her traveling beauty conciergeJust B Beautiful hosts photo shoots out of her killer Fishtown studio loft.
Coming from an Irish girl with fair skin, pale is my unfortunate summer complextion, but I'm going to get my spray on for this weekend's wedding...photos to follow! 

Contact bwilson@justbbeautiful.com and/or info@thebronzedbee.com to set-up your next soireé.

The Bronzed Bee Current Prices:

Waxing Bar
$10 - $45 (From Brows to Full Face)

Body Waxing
$35 Arm
$15 Underarm
$30-55 Bikini and Brazilians (3 week maintenance $35)
$45-$70 Legs, Back and Chest

Spray Tans

406 South 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Contact for pricing

Philadelphia Designer: NINOBrand with Bela Shehu

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It was an absolutely delightful meeting with local fashionista and ubër talented designer, Bela Shehu of NINOBrand.  The Rittenhouse Square atelier is exactly like her monocromatic women's collection. The space is concrete-urban cool, not subjugated to a specific age group, yet, her clientele are in their 40-60's.  NINOBrand is geared towards the woman who understands fashion in the long-term sense.  She is not a trend-monger, but truly appreciates well-constructed, yet out-of-the-norm garments in cool fabrics.  The designer was rockin' a black linen maxi-skirt with exposed red zipper and a sleeveless tee from League.  Bela hales from Albania, but has called the states her home for quite sometime now, moving from Iowa to South Philly in the late 90's.  She has been doing brand and image consulting with local companies such as Duke & Winston, Commonwealth Proper, Lithewear and League; eventually, launching her own line in 2002.  When asked where she draws her inspiration, Miss Shehu expresses it's about emotion, a state of mind and the ability to communicate mood.  During the development stage, Bela aims to design for designers.  Creating a pair of pants that Haider Ackermann would don, regarding its shape, construction and simplicity of a complicated pattern. 

I am obviously a collage freak....so when the homepage loaded to the brand's website, I had to ask who designed it.  Bela employes a local artists the ateleier in Rittenhouse Square.  The talented designer at the moment is Mia, who is finishing-up the bad-ass window design as we speak.  It's apparent Bela is a sucker for amazing fashion illustrators, photographers and artists.  Some of those include Klindicative, DylanLex, Marcus Branch, Artist Isaac T Linn & blogger Mai Style Pages.  The designer's favorite piece is the black NEEL drop crotch pant.  Personally, I never thought a drop crotch had the ability to be "elegant" and if you need some styling help, be sure to follow NinoBrand on Instagram.  As for the future, she would love to connect with local designers for collaborations and to expand into jewelry.  NINOBrand is currently sold online, at their retail store and will open private collection in the newly relocated Joan Shepp store on 1818 Chestnut Street.

The NINObrand Atelier 
333 S. 20th Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19103 
phone: 267-761-9388