for scouring fab finds, it sometimes scares me how much joy I get from shopping.  My name is Caitlin and I will be the little old woman who lives in her shoes, jackets, dresses, scarves, hats.  Shopping is a type of art-form or just part of my current list of addictions.

I started blogging in 2009, mainly from wandering the streets of Old City during my lunchbreak....hence the name Cobblestone and Stilettos.  Popping into stores for interesting finds was the answer to my ADD and severe inability to sit in my desk from 9-5. I love graphic design, shopping and people, so Cobblestone and Stilettos is my creative outlet for all 3. I prefer to focus on Philadelphia-area shops and boutiques and connect the brands & designers they carry. With each post, I hope to highlight their vibe and aesthetic; along with in-store events & promotions.   

Putting into words my own personal style is a little more difficult than I had originally thought, since I am not a true slave to trends. Layers is my thing, so piling on southwestern/hippie prints, feminine, rock n’ roll skinnies and maxis are a solid description of my current wardrobe.  Leaving the apartment without 3-4 rings, a long necklace, scarf and several bracelets makes me anxious.  My favorite designer ---> Dries Van Noten, hands down. If I could wake-up every morning clad in one of his floral prints, a luxurious woven piece and silk pajama pants, I would die a happy shopaholic:)